5 Favorite Amazon Finds

Hey y’all! Ok…so who doesn't love Amazon?! It has been my go-to for things from my daughters diapers, to my makeup, to home finds, and so much more! Below, I have rounded up 5 favorite things I’ve been loving! 

1. Makeup Sponges: Let me tell you…these makeup sponges have become my holy grail of makeup sponges! They make your makeup go on so smooth and are also recommend by one of the best makeup artists in the game, Kelli Anne. You can find her insta here. Best part is…you get 5 for under $10! 

2. Cozy Slippers: I have been wearing these slippers for years now! They are so comfy and actually stay on your feet! They also have a hard bottom, so I don’t have to worry about ruining them if I have to run outside! 

3. Travel Toiletry and Makeup Bag: My sister had this bag on a recent trip we took and after seeing how organized she was, I had to get it!  It looks so chic and has the perfect amount of room for all the things! It also hangs up for easy access! 

4. Queen Duvet Insert: I always struggled with finding a duvet insert that kept me warm, while still breathable, so I wouldn’t sweat! Y’all…this insert is a game changer! I have been using it for a few years and have one on my guest bed too…it’s that good! Also, it’s only $35!!! What?! Another bonus is that it has hooks on each corner so you can tie your duvet to it…no more worries about trying to get it to stay in place! 

5. Resistance Bands: This was another find from my sister and I’m so glad I got some! I love using resistance bands when working out, but the kind I had always dug into my skin or slipped off. These stay put and don’t dig into your skin at all! 

That’s a wrap! Let us know if you try any of these items…we would love to hear how you like them! 
Love, Rebecca