Amazon Favorites- Kids Edition

Hi everyone!  Here is another Amazon favorites blog that, this time, is geared towards kids! I use all these items with my daughter and she loves them…okay maybe not the stain remover, but that’s my favorite! Haha

1. Mess-Free Markers: I love these markers because I don’t have to supervise every 2 seconds  when she’s coloring. If I have to run in the laundry room for something, I’m not afraid she’s going to ruin our white couch with these!haha They only work on this paper, so no worries about them leaving marks anywhere. 

2. Learning Tower: We got this for her this Christmas and she absolutely loves it. It’s also nice for us, especially during meal time, because she can help us cook, wash dishes, etc. It’s nice to be able to include her in more activities with this!

3. Sensory Bin: She loves these bins! I like to pull them out on rainy days when we can’t go outside. She will sit and play with them for awhile and it’s fun watching her use her creativity! 

4. Washable Paint: I’m not gonna lie…sometimes painting will stress me out because of how messy it gets. She loves it though, so I have learned just to shake off the mess, let her have fun, and deal with it after.haha! We use this washable paint, these paint brushes, these paint trays, and this smock

5. The Best Stain Remover: This is on my subscription list on Amazon because it’s so good! I even use it on the carpet in our house…find it’s better than even Folex! Keep this in your arsenal for those pesky stains! 

Love, Rebecca