Disney- What I Packed for the Parks

Hi Everyone!  I got some questions from our Disney Trip about what I packed everyday for the park.  My sister and I basically packed the same things...I have a 2.5 year old and Caroline has a 17 month old and almost 3 year old. We both used our own strollers, but you can rent them if you don't want to travel with one. Hope this list helps any upcoming trips! 

Stroller Packing List: 
  1. Strollers- I used my everyday stroller for Disney because I knew it would be convenient for naps and was spacious.  I have the UppaBaby Vista.  My sister used the Zoe Double Stroller and it was a gamechanger for two kids.  So easy to maneuver, spacious, and perfect for kids who need to nap.  We both love using this stroller organizer and these cup holders work great if you need extra ones! 
  2. Rain cover and Rain Gear- Thankfully, it did not rain while we were there, but we were prepared just in case! At the bottom of my stroller I packed our stroller rain cover, a bag with 2 reusable ponchos, and a lightweight rain coat for my daughter.  I also put some water shoes in there for her and flip flops for us, so we wouldn't have to walk around in soggy shoes.  Pro Tip: Bring a trash bag to put all the wet rain coats and shoes in once the weather clears up! 
  3. Towel- This is something our travel agent suggested because if it does rain you can use it to wipe down places you want to sit. We just grabbed a hand towel from our hotel. 
  4. Diaper Bag- Diapers, wipes, diaper cream, sunscreen, and snacks!  We use this sunscreen and use this for the kids hair lines/scalps...gamechanger!  Also, pack ALL THE SNACKS...you can never have to many! haha
  5. Water-  I packed a sippy cup for my daughter and brought a water bottle each for my husband and I to refill.  They have filling stations throughout the parks where you can refill!
  6. Nuby Hooks-  These stroller hooks were so nice to put extra bags on while walking around and accumulating things from the giftshops.  My sister used them for her diaper bag too.
Fanny Pack:

I loved having a fanny pack especially for when we parked the stroller for a ride.  All of my important items were in here, so I never had to worry about it getting taken.  It was also nice to have it reachable at all times when I needed something.  You can find details on the one I used and patches I put on it here

  1. Phone
  2. IDs
  3. Park Tickets- We had military tickets, so had to bring a hard copy 
  4. Hotel/Disney Card
  5. Credit Card
  6. Mask- We still needed to wear masks on any transportation 
  7. Liquid IV- Loved using these to rehydrate during the day 
  8. Paci- My daughter still uses one at night and for naps, so I kept one on me for emergencies! haha 
  9. Lip liners- Got to refresh throughout the day! haha

ProTip: If you bring a stroller and are using transportation, bring an empty bag (we used a large gift shop bag from our hotel) to throw all your loose items in when you have to fold up your stroller! 
Lastly, the travel agent we used was amazing and you can find her here

Love, Rebecca