Flights with Toddlers

Hi y’all! I am starting to prepare for our Disney World trip next week and always have a plan for flight entertainment for my daughter!  Flights with toddlers are always more chaotic and I have learned over the years that you have to go with the flow and try not to stress! I have also found some go-to items that help make the flight more enjoyable that I have used for many flights in the past…they are listed below! My number one tip for flying with toddlers is to have no expectations…you can only do so much! haha 

  1. Window Gel Clings- This is probably the number 1 item that keeps my daughter entertained on flights. I started using these when she was 9 months old and she still loves them at 2! You can get them here
  2. Snacks- When in doubt, SNACKS! You can never have too many snacks on travel days. Some of my favorite mess free snacks include; fruit snacks, veggie straws and puffs. I like to stick them in these containers here, so they can’t spill! 
  3. Spinner Toys- When my daughter was under  18months, she loved these spinner toys! We could suction cup them to our tray or window and they were so fun for her. You can get them here
  4. Busy Boards- These are always something I have handy even on long car rides. They have a bunch of hands-on activities that toddlers can do, while being conveniently easy to pack in a carry-on. You can get them here
  5. Amazon Fire with Headphones- The tablet is usually my last resort because I know once I give her this…it’s game over for the other activities. I’ll download some movies for her to watch and bring headphones, so we don’t disturb other passengers. You can get the tablet here and the headphones here
I hope this helps any future flights you may have with your toddlers! 
Love, Rebecca