Mothers Day Gift Guide

Hi Everyone! Mother’s Day is fast approaching and I wanted to give y’all some gift ideas.  These have been my personal favorites throughout the years to make the mothers in my life feel special and loved!

First, a cozy blanket! In my opinion, you cannot have too many blankets! They make a home feel inviting and it’s always great to have extras for guests! This blanket from the styled collection is my favorite! I personally have two and have given them for gifts many times. The price point is great and they have many colors to choose from. You can get it here

Second, my personal favorite, is gifting a massage, spa day, or mani/pedi! Mothers work very hard, so giving a gift like this helps them make some time for themselves.  They can relax and recharge because realistically, how often do we make these appointments for ourselves? You can include some nail polish with the card for fun!
A initial necklace is a sweet sentiment to gift a mom! Spell out their child’s name or use first letter initials for more than one child! My all time favorite is this one from the siskiss. I wear it everyday- color is rose gold with crystals. You can get it here. I also love this pendant necklace too! 
Next up, a toiletry bag with a fun “mama” print! Everyone can use these bags! If not for toiletry items or makeup then use for mama things on the go! The possibilities are endless and I can never have too many of these around. You can get it here

Last, a photo coffee mug makes for a sweet sentimental gift! I personally love these types of gifts and have given a coffee mug with pictures of the kids to my own mother and mother-in-law! You can get one here.


Love, Caroline