Summer Beauty Refresh

We are on the brink of summer (especially here in Texas) and I wanted to share some of my must have beauty products to get me through the hot days!

1. My number one pick out of this list is the iT cosmetics CC cream with SPF. I’ve been wearing this for years as foundation during the summers and it is my tried and true. Also, it doesn’t break the bank! You can find it here and I wear shade medium!

2. Next up is self tanner! As I get older I find myself being more and more cautious of sun exposure with my skin, but I also like to have a nice summer glow. Self tanner helps me get the glow without the sun. My favorite moisturizing and buildable tanner is Lux Unfiltered found here. When I want a deeper tan, this ulta tanner is my go to. No streaks, even, and a gorgeous glow! Don’t forget about your face! Also, I love mixing tanning face drops with my face moisturizer. Two brands I love are here and here

3. Nothing is better than a pop of Blush during summer time! Minimal makeup with some blush helps you achieve an elevated look without trying. This is my new favorite by Dior, so bright and girly…I’m obsessed! You can find it here

4. Ok, this might be old school, but aquaphor is a tried and true I refuse to do without! I keep it everywhere and my kids even use it. Layer with a nude or light pink lip liner to get the perfect summer time pout. You can find the aquaphor here and the lip liners here in shade Iconic Nude and Pillow Talk. 

5. When I don’t want to wear any foundation, I like to mix my face moisturizer with these bronzing drops and also use this eye brightening balm to block out dark circles and achieve the best glow! Oh..make sure your moisturizer has SPF in it! 

6. Last, which I stole from Rebecca- this perfume! I’m not a perfume girl but this stuff is next level! Everyone loves vanilla and it’s the perfect amount of sweet and flirty for summer! You can find it here

That’s a wrap for my must have beauty items for the summer season…and don’t forget to wear your sunscreen!