About Us

Hi! We are Rebecca Jacqueline and Caroline Lorraine, twin sisters and the owners of Jacqueline Lorraine, a woman's clothing boutique founded in 2018.  The idea of JL formed many years ago as a dream business we both wanted to start to share our love for fashion.  From pursuing our nursing careers, to travel nursing in California, to both getting married, we had always left our idea as simply a dream.  In May of 2018 we finally decided to make that dream a reality when we started the beginning processes of opening our business and making our official launch in November.

Now, to fully understand our company, we want to introduce you to the two women behind our name, Jacqueline and Lorraine; also known as MiMi and MawMaw.  Each of our grandmothers had their very own taste in fashion that has greatly influenced our growing love for it throughout the years.  Our MiMi, Jacqueline, was always dressed to the nines in her classic style wardrobe.  From pencil skirts, to blouses, pumps, and scarfs, this classy lady was always dressed to perfection!  Next, our MawMaw, Lorraine, was always on trend with her fashion choices and you could always count on her for bringing the "bling" to every outfit.  From glitz to glam, this sassy lady was always dressed for the times! 

With both of these ladies influencing our fashion choices throughout the years, we knew there could be no other name that would perfectly match the vision for our company; classic style with a modern twist.  Our mission is to inspire your wardrobe with classic style pieces that you will have forever while keeping you on trend with the forever changing fashion industry.  We hope you love what you find at JL and can't wait to see you styling in our collections!


Rebecca and Caroline